Update on Pink & Blue Kittens

Progress is good for the rescued kittens who had been discovered covered in paint and left to die a few days ago. (Read the full story here).

While the paint stains still remain, the kittens are healthy and sweet, showing no signs of the trauma in their behavior.

The veterinarian who treated them was impressed with how much love they have too:

These two are so sweet and awesome. I can’t hear their hearts over their purring. They are devoted to each other and love to snuggle with people!  They will make incredible pets for someone!

The little tabby girl has been named “Pixie” and she’s a tiny cuddler.  She loves to be held and snuggled. She’s also got an amazing purr for someone her size.

As you can see in her pictures, she’s still quite pink, but the danger of the paint has been removed, and the color seems to suit her (though we look forward to it growing out normal again).

The grey boy has great curiosity, and he’s been named “Remington Steele” for his tough guy attitude (with an inside of love).

He likes to explore, but also to be held.  He’s bigger than little Pixie, and is definitely the more outgoing of the two.

They are no longer at the vet’s office, and have been moved into their foster home as of Thursday evening. They are settling in quite well.  Here’s an update direct from their foster mommy:

 These babies are amazing. Pixie is so sweet. I just walk into the room and her little motor starts. Remington is more laid back, but still very sweet. He puts his arms around my neck when I pick him up. They are bonded and I hope we can find them a home together. These poor babies have been through enough in their short lives.


We are so thrilled to hear how well they’re doing, and want to thank our CIN extended family for your support.

Please continue to share updates on these two loves with your friends.

And we are grateful for the donations that are being made to directly support these two babies.  We appreciate the assistance in offsetting some of their initial vet bills.

If you can donate (nothing is ever too small) please use the secure link below.  Remy and Pixie thank you in advance.


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