Meet Mama Leah and babies Tango & Cash

Mama Leah, just a kitten herself, turned up with 4 kittens in a neighborhood in Orange.

She was dedicated to keeping them safe, constantly moving them from spot to spot and making it nigh impossible for our Cats in Need team member to trap them.

One day, when Mama was moving the kitties, they climbed a backyard wall that was under construction, and two of the babies got trapped inside.

The homeowner called the shelter, and when animal control arrived, Mama escaped with the other two kittens. Animal Control took the other two babies.

When our CIN team member heard what had happened, she tried to get the babies from the shelter, but it was too late. Just 2 hours after the babies arrived, they were killed.

She kept searching for Mama and the surviving kittens, who resurfaced two days later. Eventually, she was able to trap all three of them, and they are now being cared for in the Cats in Need foster system.

We have set up a Memorial Fund for Mama Leah’s kittens for donations to Cats in Need to help this teenage mama and her babies. You can contribute at this secure link:

We desperately wish that we had had the opportunity to save the other babies, but understand the realities. Perhaps, in the sharing of this story, we can get a community change to happen – to get a grass-roots call for all our shelters to become no kill shelters. And if so, then these little ones have not died in vain.

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