Pixie & Remy – Adopted!

We are pleased to announce that Pixie and Remington Steele, of the “spray painted kittens” fame, have found their new home together!

Their new mommy and daddy had recently said goodbye to their 18 year old darling kitty, and were looking for a sweet kitty or two to help fill the void in their lives… and they found Pixie and Remy, our two purr machines with an amazing orgin story.

These two little darlings instantly claimed them, and will be going to a home full of toys and love.  We couldn’t be happier for these kittens, knowing that they’ve found the right home and a forever family that will adore them and love them like they deserve!

Please take a moment and share this happy ending to their story!  We will post pictures on our Facebook Page as updates from their new family come to us.

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