The “All-American Kittens”


Just over 3 weeks old now, Desiree’s kittens are doing well and starting to get bigger.  Of course, they’re still quite tiny!

Last weekend, the babies had their first professional photo shoot, and did a good job at saying ‘mew’ for the camera.

Mama enjoyed the break from constant newborn neediness to play a bit with one of the nip-filled toys.  She’s just 7 months old herself, and needs her time too.

Dubbed “The All-American Kittens” and named after US presidents, these littles will be campaigning for new homes shortly after the 4th of July. So, its time to meet the teennie-tiny canidates!


Jackson: A supporter of states rights and catnip for the masses, this boy was named after our 7th US President.  Jackson is running on the platform that he’s “every kitten” that’s been part of the “kitten season epidemic” and supports local Trap/Neuter/Return practices in the community.


Kennedy:  Don’t think her two-toned face makes her a flip-flopper on the issues: she’s very consistent on her stand for more love and attention for all kittens everywhere!  Named for our 35th US president, little Kennedy is a supporter of civil rights and believes we should reopen the space program to send more dogs to the moon.


Garfield: This little kitten takes a tough stance on the issues.  He believes in no-nonsense pest control and proper education for kittens in pouncing and claw control. He was named after our 20th US President.  He supports strong environmental policies to make the world a better place for future generations of kittens.


Monroe: Named after the 5th US President,  little Monroe believes in a bi-partisan approach to leadership.  He strongly supports cooperative work between both parties in government, and if elected will place dogs in some positions of influence.  His stance in foreign policy is that we should remain neutral in situations that don’t directly affect kitties.


Reagan: Reagan was named after the 40th President of the United States. She believes in stronger control of catnip, smaller taxes and one of her key goals if elected will be to reduce the inflation rate. Little Reagan is a proponent of federalism, and supports the growth of small business in the community.


It’s a great group of candidates running for a place in your home this summer, and we’re pretty impressed that they’ve got their campaign platforms down at such a young age!

You can donate to their campaign fund – it’s tax deductible as we’re a 501(c)3 charity. Visit our secure donation link with paypal to get started.  The babies thank you for your contributions.

Read more about our All-American kitten’s birth here.