Dell, the Drive-Through-Kitten

Dell-the-drive-through-cat“I’d like 3 soft tacos, a bean burrito, and one kitten please”

Found and rescued by a CIN volunteer at a Del Taco drive thru, “Dell” as we call her, was badly injured. She had a terribly mangled and bloody front paw. After her immediate vet check, we learned that her other front leg was fractured.

At only 4 weeks old and 14 ounces, Dell had amazingly survived through such terrible injuries and still kept the spirit of, well, an adorable, normal little rambunctious kitten!

Casted and bandaged, Dell isn’t letting her injuries hold her back.

Dell will be going through the regular health quarantine process, receiving her shots, and being spayed in addition to healing up from her injuries before she’s ready to be adopted.

If you would like to donate towards Dell’s vet expenses, your donations are tax deductible as we’re a 501(c)3 charity.  Our secure Paypal donation system allows for you to donate any amount towards her care.  Please put in the notes that your donation is designated towards Dell’s medical fund.

We’ll be updating here on her progress.  Thanks for caring about little kittens like Dell!