Emergency Kittens Update


We have an update from the foster mommy of the “Emergency Kittens” – the abandoned bottle babies that Cats in Need took in on October 2.

“They are doing great, getting bigger every day and drinking more milk each day. There’s 2 boys (Teddy & Dexter) & 1 girl (Daisy).” Daisy is indeed named after her darling kitty, who passed away the day she took in these little infants in need.


We also want to thank our Cats in Need extended family for all your continued support. These little babies have a lot of guardian angels looking out for them.  Thank you for your continued giving on their behalf.

If you’d like to donate to our “Emergency Kittens Fund” 100% of your giving (after Paypal fees) goes to their care and support.  And as a 501(c)3 charity your donation is tax deductible too.

Keep watching for more updates as they grow, and an announcement as to when they’re going to be ready to move into a forever home of their own!