Angel – normal TNR turns into feline medical drama


Angel” Rescued, but in need of medical support

What began as a simple TNR (trap, neuter, return) operation in Santa Ana turned into a feline drama story when the elusive “Angel” cat was finally caught last Sunday.

This little lady has been evading trapping efforts for nearly a year now, but has been in great need of help.  One of the non-breakaway collars that she had been wearing slipped down around her leg and caused horrible injuries to her chest.  Yet due to her fear of humans at that point, no one was able to get close enough to help her!

Angel_3553When CIN finally caught her, she was in worse shape than a standard TNR vet visit  – due to the seriousness of her injuries we couldn’t just get her ‘fixed’ and then return her to the wilds of the area around Mainplace Mall… she will be staying at the North Tustin Veterinary Clinic, where she is in stable condition and expected to be released at the end of the week.

But that’s not the end of the story – Angel is also a mama cat to a little one less than 3 months old. We have rescuers out now trying to trap her baby so the family can be reunited.

((Donation Link Removed- Financial Goal Met! Read the update on Angel here for details))

More Images of Angel that showcase her injuries are below – please be warned that they are graphic in nature and not for the squeamish!

Angel_3563 Angel_3564 Angel_3568

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