Adoption Updates from Yorba Linda

We’ve received some updates and pictures from several recent adoptions with our Yorba Linda chapter that were too cute not to share!


Pictures from Bella and Amber (formally Abby and Sara) adopted in February… they’re living the adopted life!

IMG_9009 IMG_9079



Here’s an update on Jack and Skye direct from their new forever home:

Jack and Miss Rudy (formerly Skye) are doing wonderful.
They are eating VERY WELL!  Especially Jack who loves his food.  They are using the cat box and have since the moment they came home with us.
They are very attached to my grand daughter.  They even follow her into which ever room she’s in and even into the bathroom when she takes a bath to watch over her. She loves them!
This is Riley, adopted in February, with his new BFF!
We adopted Ollie from the location in Yorba Linda about two weeks ago and he is doing great! He is adjusting wonderfully and is so playful! He takes a lot of cat naps during the day and get along with our pug and older cat so well!
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