Lily – Feline Burn Victim

FB_IMG_1451605311234_resizedLily is a friendly stray who was living the outdoor life in an office park… until she ended up with burns on her back that seared her fur and beyond…  one of the people who works there got her to a vet, and she underwent treatment for her injuries- injuries caused, the vet said, because someone poured something on her.  This was no accident.

One of Cats in Need’s volunteer staff has taken over Lily’s care once she was released, and Lily will not be returning to the office park to face more animal cruelty.  Because of her friendly nature, once she’s healed she’ll be able to find a forever home – with someone who will love her like she deserves.

FB_IMG_1451605291555_resizedLily’s emergency care bills reached $700 – she’s worth it!

But we could use a bit of help.  Any and all donations to her medical fund would be appreciated.

100% of what you give (after Paypal fees) will go directly to her care.

And even if you can’t afford to donate anything, please share this post, as perhaps someone else in your friends list can help!

btn_donateCC_LGOr donations can be mailed to:

Cats In Need – YL
PO Box 2204
Orange  CA  92859
Please note “Lily’s medical fund”
Lily, after Preliminary Treatment for her burn wound

Lily, after Preliminary Treatment for her burn wound

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