Lily – Ready for a Forever Home!

LilyNOw1 lilynowYou may remember Lily, who we acquired in January, a burn survivor.  She had been found with major chemical burns on her back – and was clearly the victim of animal abuse.

She had major injuries with vet bills that have totaled over $1500… but she was the sweetest loving kitty, and worth every bit of the cost.

Through it all, she has remained one of the most affectionate and loving kitties we have had.  She loves to sit on your lap and purr, and lick your hands and face.  She also loves to be held.

The estimates her age at about 10, but other than the injury, she was perfectly healthy.   At her last check up, she was declared ready to go to a forever home!Lilynow2

Lily is good with both cats and dogs, but doesn’t want anyone competing for your lap… unless there’s enough laps in the family to share!


How can you help Lily get a forever home?  If you know someone in Orange County who might be the right fit for this wonderful kitty, send them a link to this page, and they can download an application form.  Forms can be emailed to

 We are also taking donati ons to help offset the costs of Lily’s medical care. 100% of what you give (after Paypal fees) will go directly to her care.And even if you can’t afford to donate anything, please share this post, as perhaps someone else in your friends list can help!


Or donations can be mailed to:

Cats In Need – YL
PO Box 2204
Orange  CA  92859
Please note “Lily’s medical fund”

Lily with her special protective shirt on to keep her wound covered as her surgical area healed

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