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CATS IN NEED Pet Adoption Application:    Cats in Need is a cat adoption agency, and not a “pet store,” “kennel” or “breeder.”  We do not “sell” cats.   Our kitties are like family to us, and it’s important to our foster families and to our organization that each cat be matched with the right home, not just any home.  Cats in Need does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, creed, age, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy, marital status or parental status, sexual orientation, or disability. Each individual application is considered for the best fit for the cats and the family.    By filling out this application, you understand that you are not guaranteed approval, and Cats in Need is under no obligation to accept your application.  

Cats in Need Adoption Application Terms: *
Name of Cat or Kitten*
Cats in Need Location of Cat*
Your Name:*
Main Phone:*
Secondary Phone
Are you older than 21 years of age?
Other Members in your household. Please list relationship to you for all and age (if a child) *
You are adopting for: (check all that apply)*
Are you the homeowner or on the the lease or rental agreement? If no, please indicate the full name and phone # of the homeowner or lessee, their relation to you, and how they feel about bringing a new pet into the home*
Please describe the type of cat you are looking for, or the specific traits you like about this particular cat or kitten (e.g. friendly, playful, calm, shy)
Who will be the primary caregiver for this pet (these pets)?*
Have you adopted from us before?*
If yes, name of the animal and aprox. date of adoption
Do you live in a *
Do you own or rent?*
How long have you lived there?*
If you RENT: Does your rental agreement allow for pets?
If you RENT: Does your Landlord require that cats be declawed?
If RENT: May we contact your landlord? :
Landlord’s Name & Phone #
Are all adults in the home (i.e. spouse, partner, roommates, parents, etc...) aware that you are applying to bring a new pet into the home? How do they feel about it?
Cat will spend his/her time living (check all that apply)*
Percent of time the kitty will be indoors:*
Percent of time kitty will be outdoors:*
What other pets do you currently own? Please list species, approximate age, and if they are 'fixed' or not.*
Do you have a doggy door or cat door? *
If yes, where does it lead?
Generally, how many hours per day will the pet be left alone?*
New experiences and places can be difficult for kitties. On the first night in the home, where will the cat stay? What is your plan for transition and adjustment?*
After the kitty is comfortable with you and your home, where will the kitty be kept while everyone is gone from the home? *
Where will the pet sleep? *
Where will you put the litterbox?*
Cats in Need may request a short home visit before approving an adoption application. Would this be OK?*
Do you plan to put an I.D. tag or microchip on this pet? *
Do you plan to declaw your cat?*
How will the pet be cared for when you are out-of-town? *
What will happen to your cat if you move during its lifetime?*
What have you been told about owning cats if someone in your household becomes pregnant?*
If you have a new baby, what will you do in regards to any pet you have?*
The average cat can live 20-22 years. A lot can happen in this time. Under what circumstances would you not be able to keep this pet? (i.e. divorce, pregnancy, moving out of the state, moving out of the country, etc.-think ahead for the next 15 or more years)*
What other pets have you owned in the past 5 years? What happened to these pets? (If deceased, please give details on circumstances) *
Have you ever had to give up a pet due to allergies? *
Does anyone in your household currently suffer from asthma or allergies?*
If Yes to the above, is the asthma or allergy currently controlled by medication?
Do either cats or dogs cause this allergy or reaction?
Has anyone in your household appeared to grow out of their asthma/allergies?
If anyone is or becomes allergic, what will you do? *
Are you aware that pets need regular vaccinations and require routine veterinary care? *
I expect immunizations to cost approximately $*
I expect an office visit to cost approximately $*
Are you prepared to provide adequate veterinary care if this animal becomes sick or injured?*
A single Emergency Room vet visit can easily run $150 to $500 and up. Are you willing/prepared to shoulder this cost should the need arise?*
Under what circumstances (if any) would you be unable to provide veterinary care?*
Who is your current veterinarian or your most recent past veterinarian?*
Which veterinarian will you use for this kitty (these kitties)?*
Cats have been known to claw furniture, chew shoes, dig holes, climb drapes, eat plants, jump on counters, etc. How do you plan to deal with these problems? How have you dealt with them in the past?*
What kind of behaviors do you feel you cannot accept? *
How did you hear of our organization?*
Would you be interested in fostering a cat/kittens for a period of time? *
Would you be interested in joining our team as a Cats in Need volunteer?*
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? If so, here's your chance: We will try to contact you within 24 hours via the email you listed above. Please check your email at least daily.
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