Freeway Cat: Rescue and Recovery

image1A few days ago, while driving down the freeway a woman named Stacy saw a kitty sitting against the center divider! Cars were zooming by in both directions and it was apparent that the kitty was trapped.

She immediately got off the freeway, got back on in the other direction, and made her way over to the furthest lane to reach the kitty.

However, the kitty didn’t make it easy… instead of allowing herself to be rescued, the kitty scooted herself under Stacy’s truck!

Stacy followed, while just feet away cars traveled onward.  She managed to scoop up the kitty, and together they headed to the nearest veterinary office.

freeway1The entire trip the kitty purred and used her front paws to ‘make muffins,’ the push-push activity a clear indicator that she realized that Stacy was going to help her and that while she had been skittish during the rescue, she was really a sweetheart.

Dubbed “Freeway” at the vet’s office, her diagnosis was a badly broken leg and tail… as well as road rash on her paws and a number of broken nails. She was immediately taken into surgery and her leg and most of her tail had to be amputated.

Despite it all, she remained in good spirits, and came out of anesthesia as sweet as can be.  She’s learning how to get around on 3 legs, and without the help of her tail for balance.

Renamed “Phoenix” for the legendary bird that rises from the ashes anew, we’re sure this little girl will be much more cautious with her remaining eight lives.

She’s estimated to be about 4-5 years of age.

image4Once recovered, she will be officially released for adoption with Cats in Need’s Yorba Linda Location.

Until then, we will be taking applications for her forever home, and are asking for a little extra help with her medical expenses.

The vet bill was $3,400… but if you heard her purrs in the truck that day like Stacy did, you’d know she’s worth every dollar!

If you can help, we have a Paypal Donation option (100% of your donation after PayPal Fees will go to offset her medical bills) or you can donate in person at our Yorba Linda Location during weekend adoption events.

image5We would also love it if you could share Freeway’s story so that we can give her the best chance of finding a home that’s the right fit for her!