Happy Tails – Episode One: Lauren &Luna

“My boyfriend Scott and I adopted Katie (now Luna) from Cats in Need, Fullerton about a month ago and I just wanted to let you know that she’s doing wonderfully! She and our bunnies are coexisting, though our Lionhead bunny Dusty is very territorial and will chase her away if she gets too close to his pen or the box he likes to sleep in. Our Mini Lop Phoebe lets Luna sniff her and sometimes hops over on her own to check her out.

I think since Luna is growing up with them, they’ll continue to coexist and maybe eventually become great friends once the bunnies learn to trust her. The funny part is that she has no intention of trying to hurt them. Sometimes she gets a little too crazy and playful and it upsets the bunnies, but she has no predatory drive towards them. If anything the bunnies pick on her more than she picks on them, when Dusty charges at her to get her out of his territory.

Luna has her own territory which is basically the other half of the apartment and the bedroom. She’s so sweet and cuddly and will lay on top of us at night. Sometimes she likes me to carry her around on my shoulder like a little parrot. We play with her almost constantly and she’s so fun to watch, flying through the air or even playing fetch with her favorite ball. She literally bounces off all the walls and furniture when she gets excited!

And as I write this, she’s sitting on my lap being very cuddly. I just wanted to let you know that Luna is very happy and extremely loved.”