Update on Dell, the Drive-Through Kitten

photoLittle kitten Dell, rescued at the beginning of July from the drive through of a local Taco Bell, has fully recovered from her injuries.

Her medical prognosis is “frisky!” and we have the video to prove it too!

We also have a video of her at play, cast and all!

Both videos are available through the Fullerton Cats in Need Facebook page. If you aren’t a fan, take a moment and stop in and ‘like’ the page for updates.

We know you’ll be seeing more of Dell in the weeks to come as she is officially listed for adoption.  If you know of someone who’d love a fun, energetic kitten with a resilient personality, have them contact our Fullerton chapter at 714-864-2688 or catsinneedfullerton@yahoo.com

Thanks for all the support of Dell, and all our rescued kitties!